Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO-9)

Chemical name: AEO-9
Molecular formula: C30H62O10
Molecular weight: 582.81
Appearance: White paste
Turbidity point: 66-72

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When the carbon atom number of fatty alcohol is C12~14, it is usually used as emulsifier AEO. AEO2~3 emulsifier is insoluble in water, usually used as raw material for synthesis of high efficient detergent AES, AEC and AESS anionic surfactants, and has emulsification, levelling and penetrating properties, can be used as levelling agent, wetting agent and various oil agent components in the textile industry; Emulsifiers AEO5, 6, 7, 9 are oil-soluble emulsifiers, mainly used for wool cleaning agent, wool spinning industry degreaser, fabric cleaning agent and active components of liquid detergent, general industrial emulsifiers; Emulsifying agent AEO7, emulsifying agent AEO9 and emulsifying agent AEO10 have good wetting, emulsifying and decontamination properties, and are used as the active substance of detergent, detergent and wetting agent in textile industry. AEO15 and AEO20 emulsifiers have good emulsifying, dispersing and decontamination properties. They are used as levelling agent in textile industry, cleaning agent in metal processing and emulsifying agent in cosmetics, pesticides and ink.


Nonionic surfactant. Mainly used as emulsion, cream, shampoo cosmetics emulsifier. Excellent water solubility, can be used in the manufacture of oil-in-water emulsion. It can also be used as antistatic agent. It is a hydrophilic emulsifier, which can enhance the solubility of some substances in water. It can be used as an emulsifier for making O/W emulsion.

With good emulsification, decontamination, cleaning properties, widely used in the preparation of civil detergent, industrial emulsifier and metal cleaning agent
AEO-9 is an excellent penetrant, emulsifier, wetting and cleaning agent. It has a better cleaning decontamination and penetration wetting emulsification ability than TX-10. Besides, it does not contain APEO, and has good biodegradability and environmental friendliness.

Can be used with other kinds of anionic, non-ionic, cationic surfactants, with outstanding synergistic effect, can greatly reduce the use of additives consumption, to achieve good cost performance; It can improve the potency of paint thickener and the rinsing property of solvent based system. It is widely used in high efficiency scouring and cleaning, paint and coatings, papermaking, pesticide and fertilizer, dry cleaning, textile treatment and oilfield exploitation.
[Packing storage] 25kg/ paper bag

Production Method

Mainly using shrinkage method. It is prepared by condensation reaction of dodecyl alcohol or octadecyl alcohol and ethylene oxide in the presence of sodium hydroxide catalyst.

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