Chemical Name: TWEEN 80 (T-80)
CAS number: 9005-65-6
Appearance: Amber liquid
Solubility: soluble in water, easily soluble in benzene, alcohol, etc
Hydroxyl value: 68-85

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Application in dairy products

Commonly used in protein drinks are Tween 60(14.9 HLB) and Tween 80(15.0 HLB). Because its HLB value is high and its price is much lower than that of sucrose ester and other emulsifiers with equal HLB value, it is usually used together with low HLB value monoglycerol, pan, sucrose ester and so on to meet the needs of various protein drinks. The commonly used emulsifiers in vegetable protein milk drinks are sucrose ester, monoglycyl ester, pan, ttwain and lecithin. Usually used in combination with two or more emulsifiers, which results in better results than when used alone. The amount of emulsifier added is generally about 12% of the amount of oil.
Stability and storage conditions:
Twain type surfactants are relatively stable, stable to electrolyte, weak acid and weak base; Strong acid and base will gradually saponify; Its oleate is easy to oxidize, storage time is too long will produce peroxide. Peroxide, heavy metal ions, temperature rise, light irradiation, water solution autoxidation is accelerated, polyoxyethylene chain fracture, at the same time hydrolysis to fatty acids. The aqueous solution of Tween 80 is quite stable at pH 3 ~ 7.6, and the hydrolysis rate is the lowest. Twain should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place away from light.
[Packing storage] 25kg/ paper bag
Since Twain is an ester formed by sorbitol and different advanced fatty acids, Twain is actually a series of products of the same type, which are divided into 20,40,60,80 kinds in general fine chemical shops or chemical reagent companies, and are selected according to different needs.
Twain 20(TWEEN-20) Twain 21(TWEEN-21) Twain 40(TWEEN-40) Twain 60(TWEEN-60) Twain 61(TWEEN-61) Twain 80(TWEEN-80) Twain 81(TWEEN-81) Twain 85(TWEEN-85) ;
Tween-60 is stearate; Tween-80 is oleate; Tween-20 is laurate, a mixture of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate and a portion of polyoxyethylene double sorbitan monolaurate.

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